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China’s Intelligence-Gathering Inside U.S. Growing

Posted by Joshua Price on April 3, 2008

If you’ve been reading the stories related to China here at The Conservative Beacon that headline really shouldn’t shock you.

In a Washington Post story primarily about a recent individual spy case the following comes up:

Mak was sentenced last week to 24 1/2 years in prison by a federal judge who described the lengthy term as a warning to China not to “send agents here to steal America’s military secrets.” But it may already be too late: According to U.S. intelligence and Justice Department officials, the Mak case represents only a small facet of an intelligence-gathering operation that has long been in place and is growing in size and sophistication.

The Chinese government, in an enterprise that one senior official likened to an “intellectual vacuum cleaner,” has deployed a diverse network of professional spies, students, scientists and others to systematically collect U.S. know-how, the officials said. Some are trained in modern electronic techniques for snooping on wireless computer transactions. Others, such as Mak, are technical experts who have been in place for years and have blended into their communities.

There is some good news on this front. It would seem that our government has started to take some action:

The FBI recently heightened its counterintelligence operations against Chinese activities in the United States after Director Robert S. Mueller III cited “substantial concern” about aggressive attempts to use students, scientists and “front companies” to acquire military secrets.

If you’re still not convinced that Chinese spies aren’t an issue, let me close with this piece of the story:

The cases are among at least a dozen investigations of Chinese espionage that have yielded criminal charges or guilty pleas in the past year. Since 2000, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have launched more than 540 investigations of illegal technology exports to China.

But I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. In fact, I’ll bet we’ll hear how they are only stealing American technology in order to make their exported products cheaper for us here. If China doesn’t attempt this excuse I’m sure the globalists will.

Why us everyone defending China? Explain to me why we do business with China but not Cuba? Both are communist nations. Is one better than the other?

I better not such questions because, after all, no good capitalist should ever question the so-called benefits of globalism.

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China Blocks YouTube

Posted by Joshua Price on March 17, 2008

BEIJING — China’s communist government is apparently blocking YouTube over videos covering the recent protests in Tibet.

YouTube is generally easily available in China, which has about 210 million Internet users.

But access has been blocked after videos on the site showed foreign news reports about protests that erupted Friday in capital of Tibet. Montages of photos were also blocked, as well as scenes from Tibet-related protests abroad.

Internet users trying to call up YouTube saw only a blank screen.

Chinese leaders encourage Internet use for education and business. But they use online filters to block access to material considered subversive or pornographic.

And exactly how much progress has China made towards a more open, democratic society? But yet we continue to do business with this type of nation and allow them to accumulate massive amounts of our treasury debt. Nothing like a communist government holding a good portion of our debt. I know that makes me feel really optimistic.,2933,338274,00.html

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China Responds to U.S. Military Fears

Posted by Joshua Price on March 6, 2008

Another day, another story about China.

China dismissed U.S. fears of its massive military buildup yesterday, saying its 17.6 percent defense spending was needed to raise soldiers’ pay, cover rising fuel costs, improve training and a “modest increase in armaments.”

I have to tell you, my fears are not allayed by the “modest increase in armaments.” What’s China’s definition of “modest?”


A spokesman from the National People’s Congress, Jiang Enzhu, told reporters that according to the budget that will be presented by the State Council to the congress, the 2008 defense budget will be 417.77 billion yuan.
He said military spending always has been set “at a level to ensure balanced development of national defense and social economic progress.”
Mr. Jiang said the increases would go toward raising military pay, meet increased costs of food and supplies and toward “appropriate spending on training to keep pace with the military’s needs.”
He said “a moderate increase on armaments” was required to increase the military’s capabilities “conducting defensive operations under information technology conditions.”

So let me get this straight: China is the one who needs increase it’s military capabilities for “conducting defensive operations under information technology conditions?” I could’ve sworn that it’s been China hacking our computer systems and sending spies here.

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China’s Military Getting Stronger

Posted by Joshua Price on March 4, 2008

From the Washington Times:

China is speeding up its military buildup and developing high-technology forces for waging wars beyond Taiwan, according to the Pentagon’s annual report on Chinese military power.
“The pace and scope of China’s military transformation have increased in recent years, fueled by acquisition of advanced foreign weapons, continued high rates of investment in its domestic defense and science and technology industries, and far-reaching organizational and doctrinal reforms of the armed forces,” the report states.

No. This can’t be. China is a peaceful, increasingly democratic country, at least according to the globalists.

But thankfully I don’t listen to the globalists. No, unlike many, I can actually think for myself. Of course if the liberals and the so-called “progressives” have their way, they may not last much longer.

I can see the Chinese spies we busted a few weeks ago. I can see that our economy is being sold everyday to China and the Middle East. I can see that our corporations would sell this country out to China to skim .02% off of operating costs. I can see how China stabbed us in the back by purposely devaluing it’s currency after we got them Most Favored Nation status in World Trade Organization. I remember the thousands of tainted products China has imported here. I can see the unhappiness China had with us over destroying that satellite a couple of weeks ago.

But we’re just supposed to ignore these. Well I don’t march to the tune of the globalists, so I will continue to put items like this up and question the so-called benefits of our relationship with China.

China is preparing and posturing, effectively I might add, for war with us. Wake up and see the evidence.

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