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Clint Smith, Co-founder

Clint Smith is a businessman. He is also a writer. He works on a variety of projects for different clients. Smith is also a part-time administrator for Georgia SoftWorks, a computer software company based in North Georgia. In addition, he is a part-time teacher.

Clint Smith is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. He served eight years until his district was dismantled by unconstitutional legislative maps.

In the House, Smith served as a member of the Health and Ecology Committee, the Children and Youth Committee, and the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee. Smith was also Chairman of the House Republican Social Services Task Force, the House Republican Water Management Task Force, and Deputy Whip in the House Republican Caucus.

Clint Smith continues to serve as Chairman of the Georgia Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Task Force. Recently, Smith was elected Chairman of the Dawson County Republican Party.

Smith has served in the Georgia Air National Guard for twenty-two years. He is currently assigned to State Headquarters at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia. He serves as the Command Historian. He has Homeland Security responsibilities, works on special projects for the Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard, and serves as the unit’s chaplain.

Smith is a member of the Dawson County Homeowners Association, the Dawson County Humane Society, and the Friends of the Dawson County Library. He was a member of the Chestatee Regional Library Board from 1995-2001 and served as chairman from 1999-2001. He is a Deacon and Trustee at Dawsonville Baptist Church. He is also a member of the American Film Institute.

Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Georgia State University (minor in management). He holds two Associate Degrees: Applied Science from the Community College of the Air Force and Management from DeKalb College. He was awarded a diploma in Writing for Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children’s Literature in Redding Ridge, Connecticut.

Joshua Price, Co-founder

Joshua Price is a part-time political consultant and college student. He consults primarily on state and local campaigns.

Joshua began his active involvement in politics in 2002. He volunteered for a Georgia House of Representatives campaign where he worked with other volunteers on grassroots level campaign tactics–distributing campaign signs and making get-out-the-vote calls to registered voters.

After volunteering, Joshua’s political career began by consulting for and managing two county level campaigns during the 2004 primary election. His duties and responsibilities included strategic planning, co-ordinating and manging volunteers, allocating campaign signs and identifying sign locations, conducting opposition research, and various campaign organizational tasks.

Joshua is committed to advocating and advancing the traditional conservative principles America was founded upon: a belief in, and commitment to, God, the preservation and promotion of the traditional family, and the unwavering defense of this great nation. He is also passionate about helping bring transparency to the political and campaign process. To this end, Joshua brings an untraditional approach to the political consulting business by emphasizing his clients as hopeful representatives of the people, and not “products” to marketed to “consumers” (voters). Moreover, he views his position as a serious responsibility in the process of our republican form of government and to the conservative movement, and therefore he will not consult for any candidate who he would not vote for.

Joshua is a native Atlantan and has lived in Georgia for 25 years. He currently lives near Atlanta. He holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Gainesville State College, and is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

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