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The Conservative Beacon Has Moved

Posted by Joshua Price on May 28, 2008

Yes, it’s true. We’ve finally launched the new site we’ve been promising.


The Conservative Beacon

New content is up and we hope that the new site is more visual appealing and offers some things that we couldn’t do on this site. More features will be added in the coming months.




2 Responses to “The Conservative Beacon Has Moved”

  1. Kalon said

    Regards to Savage calling the Quran a “hate Text”. Verse 4:89 In further translation the reference to the English word “kill” in the Quran actually means this: As Qatl (kill) is also used in the sense of severing all social contacts, the expression Uqtuluhum may also mean, “have nothing to do with them.” This meaning of the expression comes from the words, take no friend or helper from among them.

    You can see the so called “hate text” properly translated at this website:

    Its actually rather pathetic the way a media whore will twist the ignorance of his reader’s minds to play to his own popularity, even at the slander of a people’s religion and at the promotion of hate.

  2. ScottJ said

    Been 36 months since this post. How’s that content coming along?

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