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Phoenix Mayor Targets Sheriff Joe Arpaio and His Roundup of Illegals

Posted by Joshua Price on April 17, 2008

The mayor wants the FBI to investigate whether the local county sheriff has violated any civil rights laws with his recent high-profile crackdowns on illegal immigrants.

In an April 4 letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Mayor Phil Gordon asked the agency and the Justice Department’s civil rights division to examine what he called discriminatory harassment and improper stops, searches, and arrests by sheriff’s deputies in Maricopa County, which encompasses the metropolitan area.

“Over the past few weeks, Sheriff Arpaio’s actions have infringed on the civil rights of our residents,” Gordon wrote. “They have put our residents’ well-being, and the well-being of law enforcement officers, at risk.”

Here we go with the civil rights of the illegals argument again. What civil rights? They’re in this country illegally!

But I digress:

Arpaio said it’s ironic that Gordon wrote the letter the same day U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials observed his deputies arresting residents and illegal immigrants in the town of Guadalupe and approved of the sheriff’s work.

The mayor “is degrading my office and my deputies by insinuating that they’re violating all these civil laws. We don’t profile,” the sheriff said.

But there is some good news in this story as it appears that ICE might be on the sheriff’s side:

ICE officials say Arpaio is not violating the formal agreement he has with their office that allows sheriff’s deputies to enforce immigration laws.

And you wonder why we can’t fully solve the immigration problem and fight the enemies of this country domestically? It’s because of so-called mayors like the one in Phoenix and the ACLU that unwaveringly defend the civil rights of the illegals.

As far as I’m concerned the only right the illegals have is the right to turn around and head back to their country of origin.

How can a nation survive when so many inside it care more about the civil rights of people who have no right to be in the respective country than its legal residents? Answer: It can’t.

But this what liberalism and globalism gets you.

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