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Saudis Purchasing Influence in UK Universities?

Posted by Joshua Price on April 15, 2008

It looks like the Saudis–a so-called American ally–are using the money and power to effectively influence the presentation of Islam and Islamofascism in colleges in the UK:

Jonathan Evans, the director-general of MI5, has warned the government that donations of hundreds of millions of pounds from Saudi Arabia and powerful Muslim organizations in Pakistan, Indonesia and the Gulf Straits have led to a “dangerous increase in the spread of extremism in leading university campuses,” according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Eight of Britain’s leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have accepted more than 236 million pounds sterling, about $460 million, in donations from Muslim organizations, “many of which are known to have ties to extremist groups, some have links to terrorist organizations.”

You think this isn’t going on to some degree in colleges and universities here in America? You think it won’t become more widespread? Think again.

Just remember this little story when you hear the empty suits and skirts in Washington tell us how the Saudis are such wonderful allies.

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