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Hamas Sees Islamic Conquest of Europe and America “Very Soon”

Posted by Joshua Price on April 15, 2008

A member of the Palestinian parliament representing Hamas declared in a televised message that Islam “very soon” will conquer Rome, spread throughout Europe then take over the Americas.

Now this is the group, Hamas, that Jimmy Carter will visit. I wonder what he has to say about the desire of Hamas to conquer Europe and America?

Why is an ex-President of the United States of America meeting with a terrorist organization? Because Jimmy Carter hates America in my opinion.

Would this have gone on during World War II?

How are we supposed to win this war when we have an ex-President meeting with the enemy?

I mean what is he seeking to accomplish? Is he, along with Habitat for Humanity, going to be the housing contractor for the new Palestinian half of Jerusalem that Condi Rice and Bush are proposing?

Please tell me that he’s not going over there to negotiate with Hamas. But of course we know that’s what he’s going for. And he has the nerve to be disappointed with Israel not condoning and receiving his visit with open arms.

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