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ICE Planning Major Crackdown on Illegals

Posted by Joshua Price on April 11, 2008

Well it’s about time. The following entry from The Houston Chronicle is great news, provided ICE follows through with this plan:

The U.S. Homeland Security department has launched an ambitious nationwide effort that would cost $2 billion to $3 billion a year to identify and deport the estimated 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants locked up each year in jails and prisons.

I especially like this quote from ICE:

”We can do something few law enforcement agencies can do: Not only ensure criminals are off the streets, but ensure they are removed from the country,” said ICE spokesman Tim Counts. ”Removing hundreds of thousands of criminals from the country is sure to have a positive impact on community safety.”

Now some are complaining about the idea of spending $2-3 billion to deport the illegals, but if you read the post yesterday about the estimated annual cost of illegals to American taxpayers being about $135 billion, and $9,000 per taxpayer, it doesn’t seem quite so much.

For example, let’s say that the crackdown works and we deport approximately 350,000 illegals. The cost to taxpayers for those illegals would be about $3.15 billion ($9,000 x 350,000) of costs kicked out of the country. Further, let’s say it does cost about $3 billion to deport the 350,000 illegals, we still save money in the short-term ($3.15-$3 billion), and certainly in the long-term.

There are some other good points being raised like ensuring that once the illegal is deported he/she doesn’t return, but that just raises the obvious in that illegal immigration reform must be multi-faceted.

In other words, we have begun, although not nearly as effective as we could be in my opinion, to deport–whether directly or indirectly via some of the states removing the incentives for the illegals–the illegals, but that’s really only part of the solution–though a big one.

This is where the border comes in. The border must be secured through the fence, border patrol agents, drones, and severe punishment or immediate deportation for those trespassing.

The last piece to be solved is the legal immigration process. We need to ensure that the right people–and by that I mean non-security threats–are allowed into the country, require them to assimilate to America’s culture (which isn’t multiculturalism, sorry you good liberals and globalists), but the process must also be streamlined so that it doesn’t take 5 years to legally come here. That’s utterly ridiculous with the technology we have today.

So to recap:

  • deport the 12-20 million illegals currently here (which we’re doing to an extent)
  • secure the border (and not the John McCain and George W. Bush kind of secure the border)
  • enforce the deportations and prevent new illegal invaders
  • streamline the legal immigration process, but ensure only non-security threats get in (I know that’s virtually impossible, but let’s not let obvious or should-be obvious threats in here), require learning and speaking English and assimilating to American culture

I must say though that I happy to see ICE getting the message that we the voters sent to Washington: deport the current illegals and legitimately secure the border before we deal with the immigration process.

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