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U.S. Enourages Israel to Cut Jerusalem in 2

Posted by Joshua Price on April 10, 2008

The United States, which has been mediating negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority here, has proposed a plan to divide Jerusalem, WND has learned.

The plan, divided into separate phases, among other things calls for Israel eventually to forfeit parts of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site.

According to the first stage of the U.S. plan, which was obtained by WND, Israel would give the PA some municipal and security sovereignty over key Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.

The PA would be allowed to open some official institutions in Jerusalem, could elect a mayor for the Palestinian side of the city and would deploy police forces to maintain law and order.

The initial stage also calls for the PA to operate Jerusalem municipal institutions, such as offices to oversee trash collection and maintenance of roads.

After five years, if both sides keep their certain commitments called for in a larger principal agreement, according to the U.S. plan the PA would be given full sovereignty over the eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods and also over sections of the Temple Mount. The plan doesn’t specify which parts of the Temple Mount would be forfeited to the Palestinians.

So who is the U.S. Diplomat behind this alleged plan?

Condi Rice

Look, I agree with some out there saying that at some point Israel has to begin to fully defend and take care of itself, but this isn’t helping towards that end at all.

What’s more is that Bush is trying to pull a Clinton here by salvaging a positive legacy through instigating an ineffective peace deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He is further pulling a Clinton by encouraging this sellout of Jerusalem.

You see, the Israelis always end up being the ones conceding territory and force while the Palestinians get more and more while continuing to support terrorism, encouraging their children to kill Christians and Jews when they grow up.

But remember, Bush and Rice are pro-Israel. I guess if they weren’t Jews would be forced to leave Jerusalem.

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