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Gavin Newsome Boasts About San Francisco Being a Sanctuary City

Posted by Joshua Price on April 4, 2008

While many cities often dispute they are a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, San Francisco is saying it loud and proud.

City officials Wednesday announced an $83,000 ad campaign — in five languages — to let residents know police, hospital workers and other city employees won’t ask residents about their immigration status.

Mayor Gavin Newsom explained in a San Francisco Chronicle story the campaign was prompted, in part, by area immigration raids last year causing illegal immigrants to shun medical treatment or report crimes.

“We are standing up to say to all of our residents: We don’t care what your status is,” the mayor said.

What else can be said be said about San Francisco and its politicians?

“We don’t care what your status is?” Well at least the Mexican government knows that Mayor Newsome won’t stand in it’s way when Mexico tries to reacquire California through this illegal alien invasion. In fact, Newsome is encouraging it.

We have states like Arizona, Oklahoma and Georgia cracking down on illegal immigration while a city like San Francisco advertises its new “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” policy towards the illegals.

How does this happen in America? Actually, is California still part of America? I really wonder sometimes. It’s like a quasi-dystopia.

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