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Media Coverage of “Fitna”

Posted by Joshua Price on March 31, 2008

So I’m conducting my daily blog prep and I stumble upon this story (actually a poorly veiled editorial) from an AP writer about Geert Wilders’ film on the Koran, “Fitna.”

Read the following paragraph carefully (I have added some emphasis where needed):

Employing elements and symbols calculated to offend Muslims, it draws on recycled footage of terrorist attacks and anti-Western, anti-Jewish rhetoric meant to alarm the native Dutch.

First this “reporter” asserts the film was created and produced to “offend” Muslims and “alarm the native Dutch.” Really? I think it was produced to highlight the violent and fascist nature of the Koran, and it more than succeeded.

Then he takes another shot through is phrasing “recycled footage.” He uses that phrase like it somehow diminishes the message or virtue of the film by using footage of passed attacks.

It continues to astound me, though it shouldn’t, the things that are presented as unbiased news and yet are nothing more than thinly veiled editorials.

The bottom line is that this film should be required viewing in every high school and college.


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