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Outgoing Immigration Chief Won’t Fast-Track Voters

Posted by Joshua Price on March 28, 2008

Finally we hear about someone in the government doing their job appropriately and in America’s best interest, not in the interest of a political party or money.

The outgoing head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says his agency won’t give in to political pressure and cut corners on citizenship applications in order to mint new voters for this year’s elections.

“I can’t allow citizenship to be politicized. It was allowed once before in the ’90s, and it was a disaster, and I’m not going to allow it again,” Emilio Gonzalez, whose resignation takes effect April 18 after more than two years as director of the agency, told The Washington Times.

Some members of Congress, immigration advocacy groups and editorial pages have accused him of slow-walking hundreds of thousands of citizenship applications filed last year, saying they perceive an effort to keep potential Democrat-leaning new citizens away from the polls.

That’s just like the Left; Let’s disregard national security in order to get more Democrat voters in here.

If it’s not about money, it’s about power. That’s the case here.

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