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Network Solutions Suspends Site Hosting Dutch Film About Koran

Posted by Joshua Price on March 24, 2008

Well I guess we can start to say that Islam is becoming the “third rail” religion in the world. What do I mean by that? It’s starting to seem like if you aren’t a Muslim or if you don’t have something positive to say about Islam then you must be silenced.

Almost everything critical of Islam is getting censored.

We’ve told you about Geert Wilders short film on the Koran. Well it appears that the internet company that was hosting the domain and temporarily suspended the site:

A U.S.-based Internet company has pre-emptively suspended access to a Web site on which a controversial Dutch lawmaker was planning to post a short film examining links between Islamic terrorism and the Koran.

For the past several weeks, anyone typing into their Web browser the URL would have reached only a black screen, an image of the Koran, and the words, “Geert Wilders presents Fitna. Coming Soon.” No other pages were accessible.

At the weekend, however, the hosting company, Virginia-based Network Solutions, replaced the screen with a message saying it had received “a number of complaints” about the site and had suspended it while investigating whether the “content” violated its acceptable-use policy.

But mind you porn is not obscene, and neither are the beheadings the Islmofascists display on their websites. If, however, you put something on a website that doesn’t have something positive to say about Islam or the Koran, well that makes it obscene.

Everywhere you look believers and defenders of Islam are trying to silence critics who dare point out some of the violent and fascist tenets of the religion.

Go ahead, keep placating the Islamofascists.

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