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Former Muslim’s Life in Danger

Posted by Joshua Price on March 24, 2008

A Muslim author and critic of Islamic fundamentalism who was baptized a Catholic by Pope Benedict said on Sunday Islam is “physiologically violent” and he is now in great danger because of his conversion.

“I realize what I am going up against but I will confront my fate with my head high, with my back straight and the interior strength of one who is certain about his faith,” said Magdi Allam.

Allam went on to describe Islam very interestingly:

Allam said: “… the root of evil is innate in an Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictual.”

He said before converting he had continually asked himself why someone who had struggled for what he called “moderate Islam” was then “condemned to death in the name of Islam and on the basis of a Koranic legitimization.”

I say his description is interesting because it’s essentially accurate, unlike the sanitized rubbish we’re used to hearing about Islam being a “religion of peace,”and it is for some, but not for the Islmofascists.
What’s more, his assertion that his death at the hand of the Islamofascists has basis in the Koran fits almost seamlessly with Dutch politician Geert Wilders proposed film about the Koran and its violent, fascist content.

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