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The Netherlands Denounces Wilders Film

Posted by Joshua Price on March 21, 2008

As we have been writing about here there is at least one government official around the world who still has a spine, Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders.

He is set to release a film that is being characterized as “anti-Koran,” but from all accounts that I have read it simply exposes the intolerance and violence of the book of Islam.

But not everyone supports Mr. Wilders:

The Netherlands has launched a pre-emptive diplomatic campaign in hopes of limiting the fallout from an anti-Muslim film soon to be released by a right-wing Dutch politician who has said he wants to expose “the intolerant and fascist nature of the Koran.”
The campaign, including official statements denouncing the film and contacts by Dutch diplomats and religious leaders with their counterparts throughout the Islamic world, is intended to prevent a replay of the violent reaction that followed the 2005 publication of cartoons in a Danish newspaper satirizing the prophet Muhammad.
“Under our constitution we cannot prohibit this film before it is aired, but we are trying in every way we can to make it clear that this does not reflect the policy of the government,” said Floris van Hovell, press counselor for the Dutch Embassy in Washington.

As I’ve said, not all Muslims take the Koran literally and go out behead “infidels,” but unfortunately there are a tremendous amount that do. So where do they get the idea to kill or convert the non-Muslim? Answer: the Koran.

Now isn’t that advocating intolerance and violence? I think any sane, logical and non-fanatic can admit that that’s the case–even if you’re a practicing Muslim who reads the Koran.

Mr. Wilders’ film, “Fitna,” will be released by the end of the month on an internet site because Dutch television and theaters refuse to air it. Of course if the film were anti-Biblical Mr. Wilders would have been invited to the Cannes Film Festival and every theater in Europe would be hosting it.

As a footnote, we’re trying to get Geert Wilders on The Conservative Beacon for an interview ahead of the film’s release and we will link up to the film’s site when it’s released.

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