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Use of Female Suicide Bombers Rises

Posted by Joshua Price on March 20, 2008

A female suicide bomber who blew herself up yesterday on the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion reflects an expansion of the pool of terrorist recruits and a new favorite tactic in the war in Iraq.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. What really got me in this article was this quote from a military press center:

“The use of female suicide bombers, which runs counter to Arabic values, whereby women are supposed to be protected, is precisely the kind of reprehensible activity that has turned Iraqis against al Qaeda,” the U.S. military press center said in a statement to The Washington Times.

“Women are supposed to be protected?” From what? An Education?

Where are the so-called human rights groups? The feminist groups? NOW? Anyone?

These groups’ silence is very conspicuous, yet no one talks about it.

If a woman gets paid $.05 less an hour than a man does for a comparable job every women’s and human rights group is there to point out the perceived injustice. However, you don’t hear a peep when the Islamofascists refuse to allow women to be educated, or, God forbid, they turn them into suicide bombers.

Where is the outrage? There is no outrage because they is no conservative behind it. In other words, if it was a conservative or a Christian man restricting his wife’s access to an education, there would be a firestorm.

Now tell me the liberals in this country don’t hold a double standard for the Islamofascists ( for you folks at CAIR, notice how I didn’t include all Muslims in that) as compared to most Christians, yet the same Islamofascists will kill the good liberals just as quickly as they will kill a conservative.

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