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Incentive (Bribe) Package Offered to Iran

Posted by Joshua Price on March 18, 2008

The United States and four other veto-wielding states on the U.N. Security Council are preparing a package of incentives aimed at Iran’s newly elected parliament in hopes of ending the country’s uranium-enrichment program — the main impediment to improved ties between Iran and the West.
The proposal includes economic, technological and security benefits, spare parts for Iran’s aging fleet of Boeing aircraft and help developing a civilian nuclear energy program, U.S. and European officials said yesterday.

The package also includes:

They also said that, if Iran suspended enrichment, they would support its accession to the World Trade Organization and help modernize Iran’s telecommunications infrastructure.

This sounds familiar. China? Yes, I believe we did something very similar for China and how has that worked out? I’ll give you a hint, the ChiComs stabbed us in the back. Really? We couldn’t trust a communist regime? I’m shocked.

But back to the overall idea of this “incentive” package. Let me see if I can get this straight:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard buzzes, thereby threatening, our war ships and what do we do? Essentially offer them a bribe to stop enriching uranium!

We’re allowing the Hitler of Iran to play a game of leverage here. He threatens to enrich weapons grade uranium and we propose reducing sanctions and sending spare plane parts? And this is diplomacy???

Does anyone believe that even if Iran goes for this that Ahmadinejad will take it seriously after we fulfill all of our obligations in the deal? In other words, Iran can put on a show for a while so it can get what it wants out of the deal and then re-start the enrichment program in the future.

Genius. Now that is fantastic diplomacy from our State Department. I guess Condi Rice is not only interested in selling Israel away, but also America. Nice.

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