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U.S. Deporting More Illegals

Posted by Joshua Price on March 17, 2008

Some more good news on the illegal immigration front:

The Department of Homeland Security, continuing to enforce what it calls a “strict policy of arresting, prosecuting and jailing” illegal immigrants, deported a record number of those caught on the nation’s borders last year — more than 280,000 in fiscal year 2007 compared with 186,000 a year earlier.
It was the largest number of illegals ever removed from the country in a single year.
The increase is attributable to what veteran law-enforcement authorities said is a revised apprehension process, adding that the department no longer is targeting only criminal illegals for removal, but seeks eventually to apprehend, charge and deport all those who cross illegally into the United States.

It’s amazing what happens when you enforce the law.

Our mostly ineffective Homeland Security chief actually made a pretty good point:

“When people who cross the border illegally are brought to face the reality that they are committing a crime, even if it is just a misdemeanor, that has a huge impact on their willingness to try again and on the willingness of others to break the law coming across the border,” he said.

Exactly. So why is this just now a priority? I guess due to a lack of resources:

Despite the praise it has received from members of Congress, Operation Streamline is not without its drawbacks and its future expansion is in doubt without a significant increase in federal funding.
The U.S. Marshals Service, which is responsible for returning illegal immigrants to their countries of origin, is strapped for both resources and manpower to conduct the program. The Justice Department, asked to prosecute the newly charged illegals, lacks the manpower to get the job done.
Congress appropriated $22 million to hire additional prosecutors, support staff and deputy U.S. marshals, and the administration is seeking $100 million for the Southwest Border Enforcement Initiative — to hire additional people to support the increased prosecutions.

Just remember folks, the additional $30 billion dollars we’re sending to Africa to fight a self-inflicted AIDS epidemic is more important than allocating more money to this type of program. Thank you George W. Bush.

Someone please try to tell me again that Bush is a conservative. Any takers?

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