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China Blocks YouTube

Posted by Joshua Price on March 17, 2008

BEIJING — China’s communist government is apparently blocking YouTube over videos covering the recent protests in Tibet.

YouTube is generally easily available in China, which has about 210 million Internet users.

But access has been blocked after videos on the site showed foreign news reports about protests that erupted Friday in capital of Tibet. Montages of photos were also blocked, as well as scenes from Tibet-related protests abroad.

Internet users trying to call up YouTube saw only a blank screen.

Chinese leaders encourage Internet use for education and business. But they use online filters to block access to material considered subversive or pornographic.

And exactly how much progress has China made towards a more open, democratic society? But yet we continue to do business with this type of nation and allow them to accumulate massive amounts of our treasury debt. Nothing like a communist government holding a good portion of our debt. I know that makes me feel really optimistic.,2933,338274,00.html

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