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Bush Calls 19 Hijackers “Kids”

Posted by Joshua Price on March 17, 2008

This is really unbelievable. I have known for sometime that George W. Bush was not a conservative, but my gosh. He has lost it.

Check out what he said at a speech last Friday (3-14-08):

And I’m saying, we better worry about the conditions that caused 19 kids to kill us in the first place.

And the best way to deal with hopelessness is to fight disease like we’re doing in Africa, and fight forms of government that suppress people’s rights, like we’re doing around the world. And a retreat from that attitude is going to make America less secure and the world more dangerous, just like a loss of confidence in trade.

Okay, so the reason the 19 Islamofascists attacked us on 9-11 was due to their “hopelessness?” Really? Is he serious?

He sounds like a liberal. So I guess we’re supposed to be sympathetic towards the Islamofascists? Unbelievable.

But wait, it gets better. Where were the majority of the hijackers from? Saudi Arabia.

With that in mind, read Bush’s explanation for the higher gas prices:

But there’s a transition period, and we, frankly, have got policies that make it harder for us to become less dependent on oil. You talk about the price of oil — yeah, it’s high. It’s high because demand is greater than supply, is why it’s high. It’s high because there’s new factors in demand on the international market, namely China and India. It’s also high because some nations have not done a very good job of maintaining their oil reserves — some of it because of bureaucracy, some of it because of state-owned enterprise. And it’s a difficult period for our folks at the pump, and there’s no quick fix.

What primary nation could he be referring to? Saudi Arabia. But I thought, according to Bush and the neocons–that Saudi Arabia is a great Arab ally.

Wrong. Yet Bush continues to reinforce that nonsense.

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