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Dutch Politician Geert Wilders On Islam, Koran

Posted by Joshua Price on March 15, 2008

Here is a Fox News interview with Geert Wilders, a conservative Dutch politician.If you have read the Koran, as I have, then you will understand what Mr. Wilders is talking about.

It’s refreshing to hear such candor from any politician. Have we heard this from any of the politicians in this country? Of course we haven’t. Everyone is too busy sweet-selling Islam (see Condi Rice). 

Now Wilders makes an important distinction between the religion (Islam) and its followers (Muslims). That it is to say, at the heart of the matter, it’s not about the followers, it’s about the religion–specifically the Koran. 

One Response to “Dutch Politician Geert Wilders On Islam, Koran”

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