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What Does it Mean to be an American Anymore?

Posted by Joshua Price on March 13, 2008

That’s a question Pat Buchanan raises in a new article about John McCain and NAFTA.

It’s worth the read, but here is what sticks out to me:

It took 20 years to wake up blockheaded Republicans to the social insanity of open borders. Only the collapse of his candidacy last summer jolted McCain into realizing that the 80 percent of Americans who reject amnesty and want a border fence are not all “bigots,” as his Tonto, Lindsay Graham, said they were.

Is it going to take 20 more years for Republicans to awaken to the economic disaster they have created and the political ruin they are inviting with this fanatic faith in “free trade,” while the rest of the world loots our country through mercantilism?

Check out the full piece here:

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