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Clinton-Appointed Judge Rules in Favor of CAIR Over Michael Savage

Posted by Joshua Price on March 13, 2008

California, at least in terms of most its citizens, politicians and judges, is the cesspool of America.

A Clinton-appointed judge in California is siding with the Council on Islamic-American Relations in a lawsuit by radio talk-show host Michael Savage.

Judge Susan Illston has issued a terse one-page ruling in the case in which she granted a defense motion for judgment on the pleadings with “leave to amend.” Although it was released only today, it was dated Friday, apparently finalized shortly after she held a hearing on the issues at hand.

Savage promised he would immediately take the case to the next level, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which he described as “an even more liberal court – if you can believe it – the most frequently overturned court in the United States of America.”

“What I may try to do is have the case removed from California, because I cannot get a fair trial,” Savage said on tonight’s program. “I may remove it to Alabama, for example, where maybe I could get a fair trial – maybe where there’s still America. It certainly doesn’t exist here in California.”

As we have said, we support Michael Savage in his suit against the alleged front group for terrorists.

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