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25% of Female Teens Infected with an STD

Posted by Joshua Price on March 12, 2008

One-in-four American teenage girls is infected with at least one sexually transmitted disease, researchers told a national STD prevention conference today.

Their news follows a recent federal report that said rates of three curable STDs are rising.
Taken together, these reports indicate that the nation is losing ground in its fight against sexually transmitted diseases — a public health problem that was called a “silent epidemic” as far back as 1997.

Really not much not comment on here other than, nice to see those sex education classes the liberals demand are working so well.

Need more proof? Read this:

In November, the CDC reported that rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia rose in 2006. The news was discouraging because syphilis had once been close to elimination. Also, chlamydia cases rose to a record 1 million in 2006.

Keep glamorizing promiscuous lifestyles. Keep indoctrinating younger and younger children in the “if it feels good do it” mindset and I guarantee you that within 5 years 50% of teenage girls will have an STD!

Just remember what the know-all liberal would say: this proves that we need more sexual education; we’re obviously to educating them enough.

No, we need more morality, more responsible parenting.

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