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U.S. Seeks to Explain Itself to Muslim World

Posted by Joshua Price on March 11, 2008

I hope that headline captures your attention because it should. Check this out:

An American Muslim, appointed new U.S. envoy, headed off Monday with the goal of repairing the battered image of the United States in the Muslim world.

Sada Cumber, a Pakistani native, is the new special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, a caucus of 57 Muslim nations.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said at a reception for conference countries at the State Department that Cumber will help the United States explain itself to the Muslim world.

Why do we need to explain ourselves to the Muslim world? Shouldn’t our liberating many Muslims from the throat-cutting Islamofascists pretty much serve as all of the explaining needed? Yes, it should.

So why is this being done? Because it’s the politically correct thing to do. Just read what our Secretary of State said:

Rice said Islam is an important part of the American fabric of life. “Our growing Muslim population is a great and welcome addition to our country,” she said at a gathering of diplomats from conference member countries at the State Department.

So now the administration is sweet-selling Islam to us.

You know perhaps we ought to explain ourselves to Israel as to why we’re encouraging them to give yet more land away as part of a peace settlement. I mean we don’t want to be misunderstood. But you know why that doesn’t need to be done? Because Israelis, or more broadly, Jews, aren’t blowing people up around the world in the name of Judaism.

The practitioners of the “religion of peace” ought to be explaining themselves to us, not vice-versa.

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