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So-Called “Hate Crimes” Linked to Immigration Debate

Posted by Joshua Price on March 10, 2008

I knew the advocates for illegal immigration and amnesty would eventually break out the old “hate crime” tactic as an attempt to silence debate on the issue through intimidation.

Anti-immigrant sentiment is fueling nationwide increases in the number of hate groups and the number of hate crimes targeting Latinos, a watchdog group said Monday.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, in a report titled “The Year in Hate,” said it counted 888 hate groups in its latest tally, up from 844 in 2006 and 602 in 2000.

The most prominent of the organizations newly added to the list, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, vehemently rejected the “hate group” label, and questioned the law center’s motives. FAIR said the center was using smear tactics to boost donations and stifle legitimate debate on immigration.

“Their banner may be ‘Stop the hate’ but it’s really ‘Stop the debate,'” said FAIR’s president, Dan Stein. “Apparently you can’t even articulate an argument for immigration reform without being smeared.”

The law center’s report contends there is a link between anti-immigrant activism and the significant rise in hate crimes against Latinos in recent years. According to the latest FBI statistics, 819 people were victimized by anti-Latino hate crimes in 2006, compared with 595 in 2003.

I particularly love the justification the Southern Poverty Law Center uses for characterizing FAIR as a “hate group:”

The law center said its decision to designate FAIR a hate group was based in part on the ideology of various people who established it, worked for it or donated to it over its nearly 30-year history.

If we’re going to start using the ideology of people who start organizations and subsequently work for them as the criteria for classifying them as a so-called “hate group,” does that mean I can classify the American Civil Liberties Union as a hate group toward traditional Judaeo-Christian beliefs and believers?

But I digress…

Let’s continue:

The center’s critique of FAIR was endorsed by a major Latino group, the National Council of La Raza. The council’s vice president for advocacy and legislation, Cecilia Munoz, said FAIR’s leaders were polished in public forums, but represented “a very unsavory set of views.”

Do you know what La Raza literally translated means? Answer: The Race. Not a race, but the race.

Does anyone else find that offensive–to use a good liberal word?

Where is the outrage over that name? Why is that organization not deemed a racist, xenophobic organization? Well I guess because that street is not supposed to go both ways.

What if I decided to classify La Raza as a “hate group” for not having a more inclusive name and message? Do you see how insane this can get? It’s unbelievable.

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One Response to “So-Called “Hate Crimes” Linked to Immigration Debate”

  1. stophate said

    These hate groups need to be classified as terrorist organizations and dealt with accordingly. There is no room for Murder, Torture, Hate and Fear in American Society. Time to put an end to them.

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