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Home-Schooling Under Attack in California

Posted by Joshua Price on March 9, 2008

National and California home-schooling advocates are banding together to fight a state court ruling they say could essentially outlaw the practice of allowing parents to teach their children at home.
The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and the Home School Association of California (HSC) say the court decision, which said home-schooling parents must have a valid state teaching license and they have no constitutional right to home-school, takes aim at the education programs many families use to get exemption from the public school system.

Now why is California attacking home-schoolers, other than the religious overtones associated with home-schooling? It’s really quite simple: Home-schooling is growing across the nation and it means fewer students to be indoctrinated and re-educated in the liberal public school system.

Some say this is about the quality of education that home-schoolers receive:

Fred Glass, spokesman for the California Federation of Teachers, said requiring a child’s teacher to hold a state teaching credential is hardly a bad thing.
“It’s a matter of holding the standards high enough to ensure that children get a decent education,” he said. A credential doesn’t guarantee that, he said, but “it’s probably the best measure we have.”

And let’s face it folks, public schools have such high standards don’t they? After all, it’s far more important to learn about contraceptives than history or math.

You see, today you’re unqualified to be a teacher if you don’t buy into the radical homosexual agenda, or if you don’t believe in editing or rewriting history. As a result, many home-schoolers–at least in the eyes of liberals–are receiving an antiquated, useless and improper education.

Now mind you many home-schooled students go one to surpass the academic achievements of most “honors” public high-school graduates, but the anti-God, amoral crowd in the public school system doesn’t want you to know that. Why? Because it reflects very poorly on their so-called “enlightened” and “progressive” education philosophy, and perhaps most importantly, because many home-schoolers use religious based curricula, it would mean that they have to acknowledge that God may indeed deserve a place in public schools.

This issue is admittedly very important to me. I was home-schooled for several years and I can honestly say that I received some of my best education during those years.

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