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Dutch TV Refuses Anti-Muslim Film

Posted by Joshua Price on March 8, 2008

I guess the Dutch don’t believe in free speech anymore. Well at least when it comes to anything deemed “anti-Muslim.”

Private and public television stations have refused to air the anti-Muslim film “Fitna” by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, fearing a violent backlash that prompted the government to raise its terror threat level yesterday.

Why is Islam getting a free pass? Why is everyone kowtowing to the threats of violence from the radical Islamofascists?

Can’t you see that they’re threatening us to a point where it will be impossible to question the radical perversion of Islam by the throat-cutters?

Why must everyone bow down to Muslim demands simply because they’re unhappy with a film or a cartoon?

As I said when I first wrote about this story, if Islam is a “religion of peace,” why should the Dutch fear an attack or Wilders fear for his life?


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2 Responses to “Dutch TV Refuses Anti-Muslim Film”

  1. Genesis said

    I think that they only want you to think that they are a religion of peace. I personally don’t understand how they can say that, but whatever that’s them. I’ve been reading your posts lately and I must say they have intrigued me. How do you know so much of what’s going on? I wouldn’t be able to do that. A lot of what’s going on pretty much freaks me out most of the time. But good writing on your posts and I will definately keep checking them out when I have time. Thanks.

  2. Thant’s exactly right. They want you to think that it’s a religion of peace. Now that’s not to say that all Muslims buy into the radical Islamofascism, but many do.

    If you read the Koran you will find that it is full of hate when it is literally translated, and unfortunately the Islamofascists use such translation.

    I mean why is it that virtually every terrorist attack is perpetrated in the name of Allah? While not all Muslims are terrorists most terrorists are Muslim.

    You see that’s a politically incorrect fact that good liberals in the media and the folks at CAIR don’t want you to know.

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