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Harvard Placates Muslim Female Students

Posted by Joshua Price on March 6, 2008

Well here is another example of our society placating and bowing down to the demands of Muslims in this country:

Harvard University has banned men from one of its gyms for a few hours a week, a move to accommodate Muslim women who, for religious and cultural reasons, cannot exercise comfortably in their presence.

Are you kidding me?

This shouldn’t surprise me, after all, it is Harvard, but still.

This political correctness at it’s extreme–and that’s saying something.

It took all I could to keep reading past that initial paragraph and I read this gem from:

Student Ola Aljawhary, who is Muslim and works out elsewhere on campus but is not one of the women who requested the change, rejected that argument.

What does this ungrateful woman think?

“The majority should be willing to compromise,” she said. “I think that’s just basic courtesy. We must show tolerance and respect for all others.”

There’s a funny thing about compromise: it’s supposed to work both ways. How about you Muslim women at Harvard suck it up and live by the rules here in America, you know, where you’re actually free to work out, as opposed to your typical countries of origin where you’re denied the right to education and have to walk 5 feet behind a man.

Here’s an idea, work out in the gym with everyone else!

We show tolerance and respect for your religion and culture through the First Amendment to the United States Constitution by allowing you to practice said religion.

Unbelievable. I better stop writing.

Just look what the socialist, politically correct traitors have done to this country! Think my language is strong? Good. Someone needs to say it with some passion and anger.

Now come on you good ACLU liberals, mischaracterize me as a Muslim hater, or chide me for not being tolerant enough for the politically correct crowd.

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