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China Responds to U.S. Military Fears

Posted by Joshua Price on March 6, 2008

Another day, another story about China.

China dismissed U.S. fears of its massive military buildup yesterday, saying its 17.6 percent defense spending was needed to raise soldiers’ pay, cover rising fuel costs, improve training and a “modest increase in armaments.”

I have to tell you, my fears are not allayed by the “modest increase in armaments.” What’s China’s definition of “modest?”


A spokesman from the National People’s Congress, Jiang Enzhu, told reporters that according to the budget that will be presented by the State Council to the congress, the 2008 defense budget will be 417.77 billion yuan.
He said military spending always has been set “at a level to ensure balanced development of national defense and social economic progress.”
Mr. Jiang said the increases would go toward raising military pay, meet increased costs of food and supplies and toward “appropriate spending on training to keep pace with the military’s needs.”
He said “a moderate increase on armaments” was required to increase the military’s capabilities “conducting defensive operations under information technology conditions.”

So let me get this straight: China is the one who needs increase it’s military capabilities for “conducting defensive operations under information technology conditions?” I could’ve sworn that it’s been China hacking our computer systems and sending spies here.

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