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China’s Military Getting Stronger

Posted by Joshua Price on March 4, 2008

From the Washington Times:

China is speeding up its military buildup and developing high-technology forces for waging wars beyond Taiwan, according to the Pentagon’s annual report on Chinese military power.
“The pace and scope of China’s military transformation have increased in recent years, fueled by acquisition of advanced foreign weapons, continued high rates of investment in its domestic defense and science and technology industries, and far-reaching organizational and doctrinal reforms of the armed forces,” the report states.

No. This can’t be. China is a peaceful, increasingly democratic country, at least according to the globalists.

But thankfully I don’t listen to the globalists. No, unlike many, I can actually think for myself. Of course if the liberals and the so-called “progressives” have their way, they may not last much longer.

I can see the Chinese spies we busted a few weeks ago. I can see that our economy is being sold everyday to China and the Middle East. I can see that our corporations would sell this country out to China to skim .02% off of operating costs. I can see how China stabbed us in the back by purposely devaluing it’s currency after we got them Most Favored Nation status in World Trade Organization. I remember the thousands of tainted products China has imported here. I can see the unhappiness China had with us over destroying that satellite a couple of weeks ago.

But we’re just supposed to ignore these. Well I don’t march to the tune of the globalists, so I will continue to put items like this up and question the so-called benefits of our relationship with China.

China is preparing and posturing, effectively I might add, for war with us. Wake up and see the evidence.

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