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Neoconservatism Institutionlized: The New U.S. Army Field Manual

Posted by Joshua Price on March 3, 2008

The U.S. Army now has another responsibility besides winning the War on Terror and protecting the United States: nation building.

The new Army Field Manual puts nation-building as a military task alongside combat operations, and top commanders warn that the war on terrorism will be lost if other government agencies don’t do their fair share.

Score a victory for the neocons.

I am adamantly opposed to this. Nation building is not our forte ; it’s not appropriate for the military.

I completely agree with retired Major General Paul Vallely who says that the military’s job to “win war” not to “build nations.”

This probably signals that there might be more nation building efforts in the near future.

We have the neocons to thank for this by setting the precedent of rebuilding a nation for 4+ years and counting.

Now please don’t think I’m saying that we need to get out of Iraq now; I just believe that the last 3 or 4 years have proven that nation building is virtually impossible, especially without an organic, internal revolution as the impetus.

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