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China Calls U.S. Spy Charges “Groundless”

Posted by Joshua Price on February 18, 2008

In a response that should surprise no one, China has rejected the charge that it is spying in the U.S.

From CBS:

China called U.S. allegations of spying “groundless” and urged the U.S. to stop its “Cold War thinking.”

A Foreign Ministry spokesman Thursday dismissed the news that a U.S. Defense Department analyst and a former engineer for Boeing Co. were charged in separate espionage cases with handing over military secrets to the Chinese government, calling it a fabrication by the U.S.

“The so-called accusation against China is totally groundless. We urge the U.S. to stop its Cold War thinking and stop groundless accusations but to do more to contribute to our mutual trust and friendship between our two peoples,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regular news conference.

We need to do more to “contribute to our mutual trust and friendship” with China? So I guess getting them most favored nation status in the World Trade Organization so they could stab us in the back by purposely devaluing their currency allowing them to reap the benefits of exporting to us but making it costly to import to them wasn’t enough?

Why can’t we see that we are being used by Mexico and China? And boy, they sure seem grateful, don’t they?

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