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Number One Priority: Our Nation’s Security

Posted by 1182cws on February 6, 2008

We are in the middle of an important presidential election year. I believe that the biggest priority for all Americans should be the election of leaders who will stand up to the evil forces in foreign lands and hiding in the shadows here at home who want to destroy us. We are in the midst of a long-term battle for our survival.

“Our simple but difficult principle provides the opportunity for the United States to achieve ‘never again’. That is: The will to win,” Former Attorney General and U.S. Senator John Ashcroft stated. “. . . . Another aspect of the moral imperative for toughness is recognition that America at its best represents the values of freedom and goodness, and the terrorists represent imposition and evil.”


Our nation was founded because a brave, freedom-loving group of pioneers understood the need to forge ahead with determination to create a new country and a new form of government. Taxation with no voice and religious oppression set in motion a chain of events that culminated in a revolution and the creation of the United States of America.

With the founders of our nation as our inspiration, we must move forward with perseverance in the Global War on Terrorism. In order to protect our way of life, we must identify the ‘weak-kneed’ among us. These liberals are either too naïve or stupid or unpatriotic to understand the seriousness of the threat and the fragile nature of the fight against evil. Their politically correct tainted views on diversity, immigration, and the legal system will shake the very foundation of our nation.


Recently, Barack Obama declared “the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate” by National Journal magazine. His stance that the United States should unilaterally pull our troops out of Iraq is incredibly naïve. It is an alarming and frightening position for any candidate to take. The reaction of the terrorists and their collaborators and allies would be simple. They would conclude that America is a big, blustery pushover with no resolve. The terrorists would be emboldened to become even more aggressive. And Iraq would become utter chaos – a haven for the bloodthirsty terrorists.


We do not want the deaths of the military personnel who have already perished in Iraq and Afghanistan to have been in vain. Their families deserve better.


On a recent trip to Washington, I visited the war memorials to our fallen military heroes. Many have sacrificed through the years for the blessings we share as a nation.

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