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The Path Back Home for Illegals

Posted by Joshua Price on February 4, 2008

It looks like we’re starting to see how cracking down on illegal aliens will flow. As we have talked about over the last month, illegals are fleeing Arizona and Oklahoma after they passed significant and increasingly effective laws designed to remove the incentives for being here illegally.

What seems to be happening, at least according to the following blog post from The Houston Chronicle, is that the illegals are leaving the states that are now deemed “unfriendly” to illegals and are moving to states like Texas where the laws are less stringent.

So what does this mean? Well I believe it means that Arizona and Oklahoma are on the right track when it comes to solving the illegal population, but we need every state or the federal government to enact and enforce similar laws or we will just end up shifting the problem state to state.

There is one quote from the post that I particularly love. The post cites an article where essentially the author is trying to make us feel sorry for the poor illegal, but read carefully what the illegal has to say:

Ortiz, a native of southern Mexico, said he left Phoenix eight months ago working 60 to 70 hours a week as a nursery worker.

Immigration agents raided his job site, but he evaded arrest.

Now, he’s standing on Houston street corners. He said that in a good week he can pick up two or three days of yardwork. He barely earns enough, after paying his rent and food bills, to send money home to his wife and son in Tabasco state.

”Here, they let you work. Over there, they won’t. There is a lot of racism, but here there isn’t — it’s better,” Ortiz said of Houston. ”They welcome you here in Texas, because here, they don’t do anything to you.”

So I guess it Senior Ortiz is saying is that the fine folks of Arizona are racist because they with to kick illegals like himself out? So what if you want to enforce the law, you’re a racist? I see. I guess I’m just emotionally insensitive when it comes to their plight of our illegal brethren to the south.

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