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More Evidence that Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Crackdown is Working

Posted by Joshua Price on February 1, 2008

I discovered this yesterday from the immigration blog at The Houston Chronicle:

Illegal immigrants fleeing apartments in Arizona

We blogged earlier this month about how a new anti-illegal immigrant law in Arizona has impacted Phoenix schools. The latest story from the Arizona Republic now shows that the tough law is now compelling illegal immigrants to flee apartment complexes in the state.

Here’s an excerpt from the paper’s story:

Arizona’s employer-sanctions law is driving illegal immigrants to leave the state, as intended.

The departures were first felt at stores and businesses that cater to such immigrants. Sales suddenly dropped.

Now, apartment complexes, especially those with affordable rents in neighborhoods with large immigrant populations, are feeling the effects. Individuals and entire families are moving, leaving behind empty apartments that can’t be filled.

Some renters are handing over their keys and breaking leases because they’ve lost their jobs due to the sanctions law and can’t pay the rent. Others are simply skipping out in the middle of the night.

“Most folks aren’t even telling us; they are just leaving,” said Estela Bojorquez, manager of the Villa de Sonora apartments in west Phoenix, which is trying to fill 59 vacant apartments out of a total of 156. Bojorquez attributes half of the vacancies to illegal immigrants moving out of the state because of the sanctions law. Job losses because of a slowdown in the economy – especially in housing construction, which employs many immigrants – also are contributing to the departures.

Read that again. You see? It is possible to return the 12-20 million illegals in this country to their home countries, and guess what? It doesn’t cost a fortune as John McCain, George W. Bush, Ted Kennedy, etc. would have you believe!

If we simply remove the incentives for them to come here and stay here illegally, they will have no reason to stay! It’s called common sense folks, and our politicians need one big dose of it!

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