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Dutch Film to Highlight Violence of Koran

Posted by Joshua Price on February 29, 2008

From today’s Washington Times:

Europe’s uneasy relationship with its Muslim minority faces another blow next month, when Dutch politician Geert Wilders releases a 15-minute film that compares Islam to Nazism and communism.

The film is called “Fitna,” an Arabic term for “discord.” It intersperses verses of the Koran with footage of terrorist attacks and other Islamist-inspired violence.
“The film will show that the Koran isn’t a dead work, but the face of Islam — a tremendous hazard,” Mr. Wilders told the daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad.
He said the film calls the Koran “the latest test to Western democracies since Nazism and communism.”

Here’s another interesting part of the story:

Dutch authorities fear that Mr. Wilders, already the recipient of numerous death threats, faces similar dangers to the assassinated Mr. van Gogh.

Now if Islam is truly a “religion of peace,” why would Mr. Wilders’ life be in danger? I’ll let you forget that one out.

And please do not come with the Timothy McVeigh argument. McVeigh was an athiest; he did not blow up the federal building in Oklahoma in the name of Christianity like the appeasers of Islamofascism would have you believe.

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U.S. Can’t Say Its ‘Virtual Fence’ Works

Posted by Joshua Price on February 29, 2008

Just when I thought we were making some progress on the illegal immigration front, we get the following news from The Washington Times:

The Department of Homeland Security spent $20 million on a “virtual fence” to better secure 28 miles of the Arizona-Mexican border but has no way to measure its effectiveness and never consulted with the field agents who will use the system before it was installed, two House subcommittees learned today.
During a hearing at which some members angrily challenged department officials to say how much it will cost to secure the entire border and when that effort will be completed, U.S. Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar acknowledged that the agency does not “have the means” to measure how many people are crossing illegally into the United States under the new system at the project site.
The virtual fence, which uses high-tech sensors, cameras and other equipment along a 28-mile stretch of U.S.-Mexico border near Sasabe, Ariz., has been highly touted by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and is known as “Project 28.”
Chief Aguilar also confirmed to a joint hearing of the House Homeland Security subcommittee on border, maritime and global counterterrorism and the subcommittee on management, investigations and oversight that the $20.6 million fixed-price contract given to Boeing Co. in September did not allow discussions with the field agents about how the system would best fit their needs — a “problem” he said needs to be fixed.

Check the rest of the article out here:

Now what’s interesting is that the story goes on to say:

Mr. Stana also told the subcommittees that Homeland Security’s goal of

building 370 miles of pedestrian fences and 300 miles of vehicle

barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of the year as part of the

multibillion-dollar SBI program to better secure the nation’s borders

may be challenging and more costly than planned.

You may remember that the Secure Border Initiative was a ploy to allay our fears and quiet our opposition to the McCain-Kennedy so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that President Bush supported.

Well I knew we were right to oppose that on principle and with this news it proves that they would not have been able to keep their promises. We would have gotten amnesty and virtually no border security.

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Selwyn Duke on the State of Conservatism

Posted by Joshua Price on February 28, 2008

This is a fascinating article about the current state of conservatism. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog it’s a must read:

I couldn’t agree more that maybe we aren’t conservatives; maybe we’re revolutionaries. It’s certainly something to think about.

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ICE Steps Up Deportations

Posted by Joshua Price on February 27, 2008

Well folks, it’s amazing what can be accomplished on the illegal immigration front when we decide to actually get serious and crack down on it.

From today’s Washington Post:

Immigration officials are increasingly scouring jails and courts nationwide and reviewing years-old criminal records to identify deportable immigrants, efforts that have contributed to a steep rise in deportations and strained the immigration court system.

Long accused of failing to do enough to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, federal authorities have recently strengthened partnerships with local corrections systems and taken other steps to monitor immigrants facing charges, officials said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that in the 12-month period that ended Sept. 30, it placed 164,000 criminals in deportation proceedings, a sharp increase from the 64,000 the agency said it identified and placed in proceedings the year before. The agency estimates that the number will rise to 200,000 this year.

Just imagine what could happen happen if the President and Congress got serious about the problem and listened to their constituents.

I know I sound like a broken record but with each story like this it becomes more difficult for the opposition to keep saying that it’s impractical or impossible to deport the 12-20 million illegals here. Slowly but surely we are putting a dent in that number. Unfortunately, we will continue to be way behind until we can get true comprehensive reform implemented.

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Hillary Clinton on The 700 Club?

Posted by Joshua Price on February 27, 2008

That is the question I am asking myself, and apparently it’s true. But why?

I really have nothing to add to the story. I don’t get it.

Am I the only one who thinks this country is upside down? Think about it: the self-proclaimed “conservative” John McCain apologizes for a radio talker referring to the anointed one, Barack Husein Obama, as Barack Hussein Obama, and meanwhile Hillary Clinton is on The 700 Club?

And which one is trying to get the conservative Christian vote???

And what’s up with the Christian Broadcast Network and The 700 Club? Did Hillary renounce her pro-abortion and pro-gay rights positions at some point during the 2,000 debates we’ve had?

The country is upside down.

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