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Tought Talk About English Proves to be Hypocritical for Some GOP Candidates

Posted by Joshua Price on January 28, 2008

So I’m scanning the papers like I do every day for blog preparation and I run across this interesting piece from the immigration blog at The Houston Chronicle:

Hypocrisy is the American way in politics. We expect our politicians to kiss our babies during the campaign and steal their candy after the election.

Here’s an interesting look from the Austin American-Statesman on Republican presidential candidates who talk tough on embracing English but use Spanish to market themselves to Hispanics:

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani often garners applause when he says that immigrants must learn to read, write and speak English to become U.S. citizens.

Fellow GOP candidate Mitt Romney is greeted with a similar response when he advocates making English the nation’s official language.

Meanwhile, both men have turned to the airwaves — in Spanish — to go after voters in Florida, a key state in the Republican primary and a must-win for Giuliani, according to political analysts.

Douglas Rivlin, spokesman for the National Immigration Forum, an immigrant advocacy group, said that the candidates are trying to have it both ways.
“Going from pandering to the deportation-only crowd, and pivoting towards attracting Hispanic voters is like watching Republican politicians playing Twister,” he said.

Reaching out to Latino voters in Spanish does not contradict their positions on promoting English among immigrants, the candidates said. Learning English is a process, and many voters have not yet mastered that language, they say.
Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, said in a recent debate that he welcomed legal immigrants into his campaign and was “going to reach out to them in any language I can.”

The Republicans still don’t get it on two fronts: immigration and why they lost the 2006 mid terms. It is astonishingly hypocritical for Romney and Giuliani to be “campaigning” (I use quotes because I don’t think they’re very sincere on this issue) on encouraging immigrants to assimilate to our culture and learn to speak English yet they are running ads in Spanish simply to pander to the Hispanic vote.

Are you kidding me? This ought to be something that gets talked about by the mainstream media and conservative media outlets, but I’m sure it won’t. I mean, after all, why should we hold our candidates to any kind of standard?

I think the bottom line on this goes beyond immigration and the English language; I think this is a microcosm of why Republicans are floundering: they don’t mean what they say. They have become nothing more than panderers.

Until this changes, Republicans better saddle up for an extended period of election disappointments.

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