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Update on South Carolina Terror Suspects

Posted by Joshua Price on January 21, 2008

Well it appears that those local South Carolina police officers knew what they talking back when they pulled over and arrested two Muslims back in 2007.

You may remember this story, if not, here’s a recap from WorldNetDaily:

On Aug. 4, two Berkeley County, South Carolina, sheriff’s deputies stopped the two men for speeding. Mohamed, a 26-year-old graduate student, was driving a Toyota Camry owned by Megahed’s brother and allegedly going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. The deputies stopped the Camry near the town of Goose Creek, just a few miles from the Charleston Naval Weapons Station.

During the traffic stop, the students aroused the deputies’ suspicions by making inconsistent statements about where they were going and what they were doing. After obtaining consent, the deputies searched the car. Inside the trunk they found four pieces of PVC pipe packed with what appeared to be explosives. They also found 20 feet of safety fuse, a nearly full five-gallon can of gasoline, a drill and a box of .22-caliber bullets.

Mohamed and Megahed said they were looking for cheap gas while on their way to a beach just across the state line in North Carolina. They claimed the PVC pipes were fireworks of a type they called “sugar rockets.”

The deputies placed the two men under arrest.

So what has developed since the arrests? Well let’s just say their stories don’t look to be working out so well for them. Check out what authorities have discovered:

Inside the passenger compartment of the Toyota was a laptop computer with a file on its hard drive called “Bomb Shock.” The file contained information about homemade explosives. Recent Internet searches on the computer had included the words “martyrdom,” “Hamas,” and “Qassam rockets.”

But in addition, authorities found a 12-minute video on the computer that featured Mohamed. (Although his face could not be seen, Mohamed later admitted it was him.) In the video, he explains and demonstrates how to use components taken from a remote-controlled toy car to make a detonator for improvised explosive devices.

During the demonstration, Mohamed specifically mentions that the same components can also be found in a remote-controlled toy boat.

On the video, Mohamed says in Arabic, “Instead of the brethren going to carry out martyrdom operations … he can use the explosion tools from distance and preserve his life, God willing, … for the real battles.”

Mohamed later admitted to the FBI that he made the video at his Tampa residence and intended it for Muslims overseas who are defending their lands against infidel invaders, a description, he said, that included U.S. troops.

Two days after Mohamed and Megahed’s arrests, FBI agents searched Megahed’s home in Tampa. Inside the home they found a remote-controlled toy boat still in its box and a partially dismantled digital watch. According to an FBI affidavit, “Digital watches have often been used in the past as timing devices for homemade bombs.”

An FBI test of the material found inside the PVC pipe revealed it was an explosive mixture of potassium nitrate, cat litter and corn syrup.

But remember these were just two innocent Muslims on their to a North Carolina beach to enjoy their “fireworks?” Let us also not forget how the FBI agents called to the scene essentially defended their stories by suggesting that the explosives were indeed fireworks. Wow.

I’ve said it before on here and I will say it again, thank God for the South Carolina deputies who did their jobs even when apparently the FBI didn’t want to do theirs.

I wish we were done with this story but there’s more. That wonderful organization, peaceful, and misunderstood organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) quickly came to the defense of the two Muslims.

As you may recall:

“Clearly this is a racial or ethnic profiling case,” Andy Savage, a South Carolina attorney who initially represented Megahed, told the St. Petersburg Times. “If this had been my son, if it was an Irish-American kid who had been stopped in Berkeley County going 60 mph, he might have been ticketed. More likely they would say, ‘Slow down son. Keep on going.’ But they would never have had their car torn apart. They would never have been viewed as suspicious individuals.”

CAIR’s Bedier was also quick to assert that it was the Berkeley County sheriff’s deputies who were the guilty party.

“Law enforcement should follow the rules,” Bedier told the St. Petersburg paper. “When they don’t do their job the right way, they jeopardize their own investigation. Somebody screwed up here, and it may be costly. It will raise doubt about how this investigation was triggered.”

Now if I’m not mistaken this is the same Ahmed Bedier who was scheduled to speak at Tampa’s CENTCOM last week until public outrage forced its cancellation (CENTCOM has given a reason for it’s cancellations, but make no mistake, it’s due to public outrage).

But this yet another example of CAIR’s questionable actions and ties to terrorism. This is the same “organization” trying to silence the only true conservative talk show host in America, Michael Savage.

The bottom line here is that CAIR is the one who must be silenced and their alleged involvement terror funding cases must be dealt with.

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