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An Example of the ACLU’s Hypocrisy

Posted by Joshua Price on January 11, 2008

In the process of following up on the startling news that some of our surveillance abilities were cut off due to not paying our phone bills on time I came across something that I just had to write about.

This is from The Washington Times today:

The American Civil Liberties Union said Americans should be “extremely concerned when the FBI’s failure to pay its bills on time puts our national security at risk.”

Read that example of hypocrisy one more time and remember this: this is the same organization–ACLU–that vehemently fights against profiling at airports, essentially subjecting little old ladies to body searches. Why? Because the ACLU doesn’t want to anger our friends from the religion of peace, yet our friends from the religion of peace are the ones attacking us not little old ladies headed to visit their grandchildren.

So the bottom line here is that, according to the ACLU, not profiling Arabs or Muslims doesn’t not put national security at risk, but yet they are quick to call out this phone bill incident–absolute hypocrisy!

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