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Texas City Considers Passing Law That Would Require Contractors to Prove Employees’ Legal Status

Posted by Joshua Price on January 10, 2008

From the Immigration blog at The Houston Chronicle:

The illegal immigration crackdown du jour comes from Georgetown, a city just north of Austin. The City Council there is considering rules that would prohibit the city from hiring contractors who employ illegal immigrants.

Wait, this isn’t done already? You mean there is a strong chance that many local, state and federal government agencies are potentially (probably) contributing to the illegal immigration problem by contracting with companies that may employ illegals?

Wow! Our government is really functioning effectively on immigration, isn’t it? I mean, seriously, is there any facet of the illegal alien situation our government, at any level, has under control? Or better yet, is our government doing anything that contributes to fixing the situation?

If you anyone out there knows, please let us know.

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