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FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Phone Bills

Posted by Joshua Price on January 10, 2008

Add another item to the self-inflicted wound list in the War on Terror. Apparently the FBI hasn’t been paying its phone bills on a regular basis and it may have dire consequences.

Here’s an excerpt from

Telephone companies have cut off FBI wiretaps used to eavesdrop on suspected criminals because of the bureau’s repeated failures to pay phone bills on time.

A Justice Department audit released Thursday blamed the lost connections on the FBI’s lax oversight of money used in undercover investigations. Poor supervision of the program also allowed one agent to steal $25,000, the audit said.

In at least one case, a wiretap used in a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act investigation “was halted due to untimely payment,” the audit found. FISA wiretaps are used in the government’s most sensitive and secretive criminal investigations, and allow eavesdropping on suspected terrorists or spies.

We’re spending billions of dollars a year on homeland security and yet we can pay our bills on time? If this the result of a more streamlined and efficient process I’d hate to see what would be going on without it.

Here’s the link to the full story:,2933,321847,00.html

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