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CENTCOM Invites CAIR Executive to Speak

Posted by Joshua Price on January 10, 2008

Yes, you read that correctly. Check this out from Michael Savage’s website:

CENTCOM Senior Lecture Series hosts a presentation on Moderate Islam for USCENTCOM Military members and DoD civilians. The presentation will be given by Mr. Ahmed Bedier, the Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Mr. Bedier is an expert on Islam, media relations, civil rights, hate crimes and the Mideast. The lecture will be held at the Davis Conference Center on Tuesday 15 January, at 1300. As this is during normal duty hours, supervisory approval to attend is required. A question and answer session with Mr. Bedier will follow the presentation.

This presentation will provide Mr. Bedier’s perspective on the following Islamic beliefs: the six articles of Faith, the five pillars of Islam, demographics of the Muslim world, culture vs. religion, etiquette and diet, the role of women, Islamists vs. criminals, what is Jihad really? Shaheed (i.e. Martyrdom), Religion and state – does Islam clash withdemocracy, the Ummah, the Caliphate and Dhimmi (i.e. non-Muslims living under Muslim rule).

What does this tell you about Admiral Fallon the leftist commander of CENTCOM?

It’s nice to see that our government is still consulting with a group who is trying to silence free speech of those whom CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) doesn’t agree with (i.e. Michael Savage).

First the FBI uses CAIR in its cultural sensitivity training and now our military is bringing them in to speak to U.S. Central Command! I know I sound like a broken record but this is part and parcel of why we are not having more success in the War on Terror.

Until we stop committing self-inflicted wounds generated by our unquenchable desire for multiculturalism and our inane¬† placating to our enemy’s propaganda campaigns, we will not win this war.

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