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Hillary’s Tears Help Her Capture New Hampshire

Posted by Joshua Price on January 9, 2008

Well it looks like we can finally call the New Hampshire Democrat primary for Hillary Clinton, or as we should call her after she used her husband the last 24 hours to scrape together every last vote, Mrs. Bill Clinton.

But make no mistake she won New Hampshire because of her emotional breakdown on Monday. It’s easy to see how those crocodile tears translated into victory.

Here is the breakdown of CNN’s exit polling:

  • 57% of Democrat primary voters were women
  • 47% of those women voted for Mrs. Bill Clinton
  • 34% of those women voted for Barack Hussein Obama
  • 88% of those 50 or older voted for Mrs. Bill Clinton

There was the key to victory; Mrs. Bill Clinton recaptured and dominated the female vote. This contrived emotional outburst manipulated and exploited the Democratic female and older voters (who are susceptible to such campaign tactics) of New Hampshire:

The media are going crazy in their attempts to apologize for counting Hillary out. I mean it’s like they can’t get the apologies out quick enough. I wonder if it’s due to their fear of the “Clinton Machine,” or they are just giddy that she is ostensibly back in the race? Hmm. You decide.

Just be ware that Mrs. Bill Clinton is only beginning to pull out all the stops in this campaign. She is still desperate and will continue to take desperate measures; however, I still don’t believe she gets the nomination.

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