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GOP’s Problems Summarized by Pat Buchanan

Posted by Joshua Price on January 7, 2008

Patrick J. Buchanan has a fantastic blog post that came out on Friday that concisely outlines what is ailing the Republican Party.

I have been very critical of Republicans, not because I seek their destruction or because I have some political axe to grind, but because I wish to see it survive and return to the conservative principles that it was founded upon. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe that it’s possible for the party to return to such roots.

When the party is influenced by people who are actively taking up for Barack Obama because of their obsessive disdain for Hillary Clinton–a disdain I share, but not to the point where I would make statements in defense of another Democrat candidate who is just as liberal.

This is the heart of the GOP’s problem. The party is far too concerned about what the Democrats are up to and their obsession with Hillary.

Here’s how you solve the “Hillary” problem: nominate a true, paleoconservative and cleanse the party of the neocons who have destroyed the GOP.

Here’s the link to Buchanan’s blog:

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