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Illegal Immigration Crackdown Working

Posted by Joshua Price on December 24, 2007

It would appear that those of us who advocated the cracking down on the illegal alien invasion by removing the incentives would lead to an exodus of the illegals were right.

This is from the Tuscon Citizen in Arizona:

It’s a common scene this time of year: streams of overloaded cars, pickups and vans with U.S. license plates crossing into Mexico for the holidays.

Most are filled with Hispanic families from Arizona and other states on their way to visit relatives south of the border for a few weeks before heading back to the U.S. But this year, the holiday travelers are being joined by scores of families such as Jorge and Liliana Franco, who are driving to Mexico not to visit but to stay – permanently.
Congress’ failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, immigration crackdowns, Arizona’s new employer-sanctions law and a sluggish economy have combined to create a climate families such as the Francos no longer find hospitable.
The article continues:
The number returning to Mexico is difficult to calculate, but there is no question that many families are leaving, according to Mexican government officials, local community leaders and immigrants themselves.
“The situation in Arizona has become very tough,” Jorge said minutes after driving into a Mexican immigration and customs checkpoint south of the border on Mexico 15.
Dozens of immigrants are leaving the U.S. daily, and even more are expected to leave once the sanctions law takes effect in January, provided the law survives a last-minute legal challenge, said Rosendo Hernandez, president of the advocacy group Immigrants Without Borders.
“If people can’t find work, they won’t be able to pay their bills, so they will leave,” Hernandez said.
In what are considered bellwethers of permanent moves back to Mexico, the Mexican consulate in Phoenix has seen a dramatic increase in applications for Mexican birth certificates, passports and other documents that immigrants living in Arizona will need to return home.
This great news. You see, with this piece of evidence we can defeat the argument of those that say we can’t deport the 12-20 million illegals currently here. This evidence gives us the solution that we thought it would: remove the incentives for the illegals to come here illegally and they will eventually deport themselves.
Crack down on the hiring of illegals and don’t allow them access to government programs (including all forms of welfare) and education and you will remove the incentives to be here illegally.
I can’t wait to hear the liberals and the globalists give us their sob stories about how this will hurt America.

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