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Giuliani Still Doesn’t Get It on Illegal Immigration

Posted by Joshua Price on December 10, 2007

From this morning’s Washington Times:

Sen. John McCain and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani stood alone among the Republican presidential candidates in last night’s Spanish-language debate in calling for some illegal aliens to be granted a path to citizenship.
“None of us have been perfect — all of us have been struggling with this for a long time,” Mr. Giuliani said, summing up the flip-flops most of the top-tier Republican candidates have made on the issue during the presidential campaign.

He and Mr. McCain said that after the border is secure, the illegal alien population can be addressed, with some being allowed to stay.
“The people who want to come forward should be allowed to come forward,” Mr. Giuliani said.
But the other candidates said that doing so would be a disservice to those waiting in line at home and called for illegal aliens to go home and re-enter the U.S. legally.

Also, just when you start to think John McCain may have regain some semblance of conservatism he comes out with this:

“The message of our failure is they want the border secured first, and we must secure the border first, and then we move on to all of these other issues,” he said. “Once we secure the borders, I’m convinced the American people will proceed with issues like this in a humanitarian and compassionate fashion.”
Mr. McCain said his fellow Republicans’ harsh tone on immigration has cost his party support among Hispanic voters.
“I think some of the rhetoric that many Hispanics hear about illegal immigration makes some of them believe we are not in favor nor seek the support of Hispanic citizens in this country,” he said.

This is all many institutional Republicans are worried about: costing the party support from the legal Hispanics and from the potential new voter pool of legalized illegals.

Now I really love McCain saying that we must not be seeking the “support of Hispanics in this country” because we are cracking down on illegal immigration.

Back to Giuliani, I hope all of his supporters that argue he is the best candidate because of his record on national security will begin to realize what I have been saying all along: border and immigration security are inherently connected to national security. And on that issue Giuliani fails miserably.

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