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Is Michael Savage Right About the Koran Being a Book of Hate?

Posted by Joshua Price on December 6, 2007

For those of you who care more about the survival of this country than when the next season of American Idol begins probably already know the answer to that question: Yes!

For the uninterested or disbelieving out there here’s some proof from Joseph Farah at WorldNet Daily:

Michael Savage, one of the most popular radio talk-show hosts in America, is being targeted for an advertiser boycott by the Council on American-Islamic Relations for referring to the Quran as “a book of hate.”

Now, predictably, Savage is being accused of promoting “hate” by making this observation.

But, the question remains, who’s right?

You be the judge.

The following are direct quotes from the Quran and the Hadith:

Quran 4:89: “They (infidels) desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.”

Quran 8:12: “Instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers;”

Quran 2:191: “… kill the disbelievers wherever we find them …”

How about some more?

Quran 22:19-22: “… for them (the unbelievers) garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods.”

Quran 8:12: “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.'”

Quran 8:7: “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.'”

Quran 8:59: “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

Quran 8:60: “Prepare against them whatever arms and cavalry you can muster that you may strike terror in the enemies of Allah, and others besides them not known to you.”

Quran 9.29″ “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”

Quran 47:4: “Strike off the heads of the disbelievers” and, after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives.”

Hadith Sahih Muslim (41:6985): “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: ‘The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.'”

Quran 9:5: “When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, torture them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

Sura 3:151: “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers for that they joined companions with Allah for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the fire; and evil is the home of the wrong-doers!”

Sura 8:60: “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power including steeds of war to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others besides whom ye may not know but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you and ye shall not be treated unjustly.”

Tabari IX:113: “Allah permits you to shut them (women) in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Quran.”

Tabari I:280: “Allah said, ‘It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.’ Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and are stupid.”

Ishaq:327: “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

These quotations are not out of context. They are representative of dozens and dozens of other messages in the Islamic “holy” texts. Clearly, they have inspired the violent and hateful behavior of followers.

I know there are many peaceful Muslims who view them allegorically rather than literally. Yet, is it outside the bounds of civil public discourse to challenge such statements?

I think it would be irresponsible to ignore how the Quran instructs its followers.

Now before I am branded as a Muslim hater once again, let’s be clear: I am NOT saying that all Muslims preach hate or commit terrorist acts, but please do not tell me that Islam is a “religion of peace” when it overtly and unmistakably preaches convert the unbeliever or kill him.

Further, fair or unfair, the burden of proof is on Muslims to show that those of us saying that Islam is not a “religion of peace” are inaccurate because while not all Muslims are terrorists virtually every recent terrorist attack has been committed by Muslims.

When will America wake up an admit that this is a religious war between Christianity/Judaism and radical Islam. If you want to know why we aren’t winning the War on Terror look no further than our Commander-in-Chief:

Did you hear Bush walk back his accurate assessment of calling this war an extension of The Crusades? He was right, but he, like OfficeMax and Citrix Systems, caved in to Islamic pressure and liberal political correctness. This is precisely why we aren’t winning this war!

Now I could sit here and tell you that things are going much better in Iraq (which they are) and that we haven’t been attack since 9-11 (and we haven’t). I could further tell you that this necessarily means that we are winning this war. I am all for optimism, but some in the media and in government are just flat out naive if they think we are fully winning this war.

We will not win this war until we unmistakably and unequivocally call our enemy out for who they are and what they stand for as Michael Savage has done.

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21 Responses to “Is Michael Savage Right About the Koran Being a Book of Hate?”

  1. […] have invented, but jihad-terror is at the very heart of the Islamic teachings. There are literally hundreds of verses that teach how to hate, kill, harass and attack unbelievers in order to get them to submit to Islam, […]

    • I am a preacher and during the Sunday Class one of the class members call the Koran a holy book. How can you call something holy when it preaches hate. I informed him that the only book in the universe is the Bible. The Koran preaches hate while the Bible teacher love.

  2. […] *  ‘Strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers’-Quran 8:12: […]

  3. George said

    The muslims will be wiped out….until then things in this world are going to get even worse.

  4. I would even take it a step further. Until we truthfully and readily admit who the enemy is–Islamofascism–and engage this war with the same ferocity as the enemy, things will indeed get worse.

    We have to cease kowtowing to the enemy and their defenders.

  5. Zwischenzeitlich bin ich froh diese Website gefunden zu haben. Danke für den Beitrag. LG.

  6. Welcome First time hopped here on your site, founde on Google I am delighted to find your wonderful website online. I look for manuals in pdf. I found shop withowners manual by look for free owners manual. Do you now any free website with pdf’s?

  7. B. Ubba said

    Islamofacism is the disease-the Hydrogen Bomb is the cure.

  8. Victorl said

    Here’s the problem:

    American Christians idiots in the closet who rather chase other Americans and throw them into prison for such a wide range of non-crimes, there are no resources left to deal with Islam.

    How about this, instead of cursing the next Muslim who kills an American in THEIR country, worry about all the stupid American prosecutors who do the exact same but through books in this country to their own people.

    Why is murder so bad when you accept incarceration for life for just as many crimes as the Muslims kill for? Is throwing someone into a cage for 20 years acceptable to Americans? Well, to the rest of the world, we’re just as disgusting as the muslims are to us.

    Life for pizza? Anyone? 🙂 Bart shootings and nobody kills the bart cop!?!?! HAHAHA!

    If you can put me in prison for smoking a joint or growing a plant, then anybody else has the absolute right to slit your throat over their religious beliefs. It’s heir country just like this one if yours. If you don’t like it, stay out of their country just like smart freedom-loving people stay our of the USA.

    • We are all going to find out what the truth is when Jesus on a cloud of Glory. I beg of you to repent of your sins and get to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.

  9. Victorl said

    Sorry, let me summarize for cleary: American men are women.

    Getting a pretty little tattoo of a skull is the American version of tough guy 🙂


    • We will find out if Islam is going to win when Jesus returns. And, if you don’t know Him in the pardon of your sins, you will burn in hell for all eternity. Let Allah keep you out of that!!!

  10. Victorl said

    You either put up or shut up and 10 years later I’d say it’s time for everybody to shut up. Nothings been done about it because we’re still chasing flowers and powders around the world like a bunch of fairy leprechauns.

  11. Victorl said

    The Arab Spring was a great opportunity that was wasted by all. Israel is an IDIOT for not getting involved and helping the rebels, they will pay dearly because now the new leaders will know Israel was on the side of dictators for decades.

  12. Victorl said

    Problem with guys like Savage is Americans take him for intelligent when he’s just a loud mouth….. loud mouths are fun to listen to but they don’t get things done, they thrive on the chaos.

    Without Islam, we wouldn’t be talking about Savage. He needs it, and he needs to hate it more than any other guy on radio. Which is fine, if the average doofus knew how to connect the radio industry with the content.

    • The problem is not with Savage. The problem is with Islam. He told the truth and people like you cannot deal with the truth. Islam is a hateful religion, while the Bible is about Christianity.

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    […]Is Michael Savage Right About the Koran Being a Book of Hate? « The Conservative Beacon[…]…

  14. Every Christian in the Universe should stand up for Michael Savage. The Koran teaches hate, while the Holy Bible teaches “love thy neighbor as thyself. Keep up the good Michael.

  15. There’s certainly a lot to know about this issue. I like all the points you made.

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