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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Joshua Price on December 24, 2007

Clint and I will be taking the rest of the year off from The Conservative Beacon. We will be back with new content on January 3, 2008.

Next year will be an exciting one for The Conservative Beacon with new interviews, new features and a new look.

Finally, Clint and I would like to thank you for your support of The Conservative Beacon. We hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas, and a safe and very Happy New Year!

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Illegal Immigration Crackdown Working

Posted by Joshua Price on December 24, 2007

It would appear that those of us who advocated the cracking down on the illegal alien invasion by removing the incentives would lead to an exodus of the illegals were right.

This is from the Tuscon Citizen in Arizona:

It’s a common scene this time of year: streams of overloaded cars, pickups and vans with U.S. license plates crossing into Mexico for the holidays.

Most are filled with Hispanic families from Arizona and other states on their way to visit relatives south of the border for a few weeks before heading back to the U.S. But this year, the holiday travelers are being joined by scores of families such as Jorge and Liliana Franco, who are driving to Mexico not to visit but to stay – permanently.
Congress’ failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, immigration crackdowns, Arizona’s new employer-sanctions law and a sluggish economy have combined to create a climate families such as the Francos no longer find hospitable.
The article continues:
The number returning to Mexico is difficult to calculate, but there is no question that many families are leaving, according to Mexican government officials, local community leaders and immigrants themselves.
“The situation in Arizona has become very tough,” Jorge said minutes after driving into a Mexican immigration and customs checkpoint south of the border on Mexico 15.
Dozens of immigrants are leaving the U.S. daily, and even more are expected to leave once the sanctions law takes effect in January, provided the law survives a last-minute legal challenge, said Rosendo Hernandez, president of the advocacy group Immigrants Without Borders.
“If people can’t find work, they won’t be able to pay their bills, so they will leave,” Hernandez said.
In what are considered bellwethers of permanent moves back to Mexico, the Mexican consulate in Phoenix has seen a dramatic increase in applications for Mexican birth certificates, passports and other documents that immigrants living in Arizona will need to return home.
This great news. You see, with this piece of evidence we can defeat the argument of those that say we can’t deport the 12-20 million illegals currently here. This evidence gives us the solution that we thought it would: remove the incentives for the illegals to come here illegally and they will eventually deport themselves.
Crack down on the hiring of illegals and don’t allow them access to government programs (including all forms of welfare) and education and you will remove the incentives to be here illegally.
I can’t wait to hear the liberals and the globalists give us their sob stories about how this will hurt America.

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Democrats Weaken Border Fence

Posted by Joshua Price on December 18, 2007

In yet another example of this government’s, and particularly the Democrats’, unwillingness to properly secure our border with Mexico Congress has cut funding for the proposed two-tier fence.

From today’s Washington Times:

Congress last night passed a giant new spending bill that undermines current plans for a U.S.-Mexico border fence, allowing the Homeland Security Department to build a single-tier barrier rather than the two-tier version that has worked in California.
The spending bill, written by Democrats and passed 253-154 with mostly their votes, surrenders to President Bush’s budget demands, meeting his spending limit with a $515 billion bill to fund most of the federal government and setting up votes to pay for the Iraq war. But Democrats reached his goal in part by slashing his defense and foreign-aid priorities to pay for added domestic spending.

This ought to speak volumes about the Democrat-controlled Congress. I’m the Dems will go around saying that they compromised on President Bush’s request to cut spending, but the only being compromised is our national security.

Again, from today’s Washington Times:

The 2006 Secure Fence Act specifically called for “two layers of reinforced fencing” and listed five specific sections of border where it should be installed. The new spending bill removes the two-tier requirement and the list of locations.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) was rightfully displeased by the Democrats’ weakening of U.S. border security:

“The fact that this was buried in a bloated, 3,500-page omnibus speaks volumes about the Democrats’ unserious approach on border security and illegal immigration…

Gutting the Secure Fence Act will make our borders less secure, but it’s consistent with the pattern of behavior we’ve seen all year from this majority.”

I just love how our government is working. First it wastes taxpayer’s money on many ineffective or useless programs, or pork barrel spending, and then when this out-of-control spending is acknowledged Congress attempts to remedy the situation by cutting funding for necessary security upgrades. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

What kind of logic is that? Answer: there is no logic; it’s a political game.

We are being invaded by an overwhelming number of illegals (approximately 40% of all immigrants are illegal) and all our Congress and President can do is engage in the endless cycle of Washington’s political power plays.

Make no mistake: this government is still not serious about securing our borders.

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Afghanistan’s Stabilization in Jeopardy

Posted by Joshua Price on December 17, 2007

Though not being as widely reported as Bush’s new strategy in Iraq it appears that Afghanistan is about to go in a different direction as well.

There was an article in The New York Times on Saturday and in The Washington Post today reporting on the potential new strategies in Afghanistan.

This is from The Washington Post:

With violence on the decline in Iraq but on the upswing in Afghanistan, President Bush is facing new pressure from the U.S. military to accelerate a troop drawdown in Iraq and bulk up force levels in Afghanistan, according to senior U.S. officials.

Administration officials say the White House has become more concerned in recent months about the situation in Afghanistan, where grinding poverty, rampant corruption, poor infrastructure and the growing challenge from the Taliban are hindering U.S. stabilization efforts. Senior administration officials now believe Afghanistan may pose a greater longer-term challenge than Iraq.

So what is one possible new approach Bush may be considering in Afghanistan?

Administration officials said the White House is considering a range of steps to stem the erosion, including the appointment of a leading international political figure to try to better coordinate efforts in Afghanistan.

When is this administration going to realize that we are losing in Afghanistan because we have fought a politically correct war. It’s not because there aren’t enough “boots on the ground,” or the fact that we don’t have a well-respected international political figure overseeing things. It is simply because we haven’t used enough force.

Let’s be clear, force doesn’t necessarily mean more troops. It my estimation we need more use of our supreme air power in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Republicans need to realize that Bush was either talked, or bullied, into fighting this war in a politically correct fashion. Now I understand the bleeding heart liberals will wholly and vehemently disagree, but I don’t care.

We keep hearing that the main difference post 9/11 is that Bush treated terrorism as a military, not a law enforcement issue. Well I’ll give Bush the fact that we have used the military in pursuit of the Islamofascists but we have not used it appropriately.

The bottom line with all of this is we will not begin to win the War on Terror until we realize that we must get as forceful as our enemy is willing to get, and then more!

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Iran Receives Nuclear Fuel from Russia

Posted by Joshua Price on December 17, 2007

Russia and Iran continue to have a close relationship. Russia has continuously defended Iran and its nuclear weapons ambitions, and repeatedly sought to businesses with the country.

It appears now that the relationship is getting closer. From this morning’s Washington Post:

Russia announced Monday that it has delivered an initial shipment of nuclear fuel to the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, a step likely to stir alarm in Western capitals concerned about the true nature of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Russian foreign ministry said in a statement that it had received written assurances from Tehran that the 82 tons of fuel will be used only at the Bushehr power plant, which has been dogged by delays amid suspicions that Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapons program. The oil-rich country insists that the plant, which will generate electricity, is part of an effort to diversify its energy sources.

Russia, which is building the $1 billion Bushehr facility, had halted construction at the plant earlier this year, ostensibly because of a financing dispute. But Western diplomats and analysts here said Moscow was in fact expressing its displeasure at Iran’s failure to cooperate fully with inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations watchdog organization. They said Russian officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, were also alarmed at the bellicose rhetoric of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Now Russia is either easily fooled or corrupt. Because I don’t trust Iran, or Russia, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Russia, under Putin, is corrupt. Just read the following:

”All fuel that will be delivered will be under the control and guarantees of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. ”Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written guarantees that the fuel will be used only for the Bushehr nuclear power plant.”

Russia called on Iran Monday to take steps to prove that its nuclear program is only for civilian purposes, an apparent suggestion that it reconsider its stand on enrichment.

At least Russia is doing its part to ensure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons capabilities by sending them nuclear fuel. Wow. I just don’t know how one can make the statement that one wants to be sure Iran is only using its nuclear program for energy purposes and yet one still sends nuclear fuel without any proof–other than that laughable NIE.

This may seem like a small story but whatever ensues must be followed carefully.

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