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New Study Shows Growth in Illegal Immigration, Welfare Use

Posted by Joshua Price on November 30, 2007

There is a new study out from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). The bottom line of the study is essentially that the illegal immigrant population in America has grown and that many illegals are using welfare.

According to the study, the state of Georgia (where The Conservative Beacon is based) has approximately 900,000 immigrants. Of those 900,000 it is estimated that about 53%, or 504,000 are illegals. So this is not just a border state issue; it’s becoming a nation wide problem.

That nation has a whole has an estimated 11,328,000 illegal immigrants which accounts for about 30% of total immigration–both legal and illegal.

Also, according to the study:

The proportion of immigrant-headed households using at least one major welfare program is 33 percent, compared to 19 percent for native households.

The study also found that a significant amount of illegals are using some from of welfare. As an example, in Georgia, roughly 42% of households headed by an illegal immigrant receive some form of welfare. Nationally, the proportion is about 40%.

Does this tell us anything that we really didn’t already know? No, of course is doesn’t. But what it does is help to quantify and put the problem in sobering context.

The illegals are draining the system. Almost half of them are using some form of welfare that they arguably have no right to. If you want to get serious about cracking down on the illegals currently here start denying them welfare and stop hiring them. Rationality dictates that if there aren’t any incentives for the illegals to come here, then they won’t.

How about a little common sense applied to this issue please!

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