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What’s Up with the FBI?

Posted by Joshua Price on November 26, 2007

After hearing Steve Emerson tell us about CAIR being a part of the cultural sensitivity training that some FBI agents have to undergo, the story a couple of months back about the two Muslim youths pulled over in South Carolina near a weapons cache and the FBI basically telling the local authorities that there was nothing to be concerned about (they ended up having some pipe bombs that the FBI said were homemade fireworks), and the fact that the FBI is always quick to jump in and say that we don’t think fill-in-the-blank incident is terrorism related–it’s like we can’t rule out anything else, but we’re quite certain it isn’t terrorism related, I decided to ask former Head of the Bin Laden Unit at the CIA, Michael Scheuer what he thought was going on.

Here is his response:

Re the FBI. I tend to think they are running scared because AQ is in America and they have no idea of how many or in which locations. The FBI is full of smart and talented men and women at the mid-level and below, but the seniors are useless. Their interest is first, the FBI as an instutution; second, their own careers; and third, the United States if they have time. They are also more turf conscious then any other USG agency and the last two directors of the FBI have not been able to equip their officers with any thing resembling a state-of-the art communications or computer system.

More especially, they make no bones about their utter contempt for local and state police organizations. I have worked with a lot of these folks since I resigned from the CIA and they are unanimous in saying that the FBI takes all of their information and gives next to nothing in return.

I thought that a lot more would have been made of NDI Admiral McConnell’s flat out refutation of the FBI‘s claim that there are no AQ cells in America. McConnell basically discredited Mueller and his senior lieutenants and yet the media made nothing of it. The 9/11 Commission should have called for a UK-like MI5, to get the FBI out of the terrorism business and get back to criminal activities.

That should scare us all. I just don’t understand what’s going on with our government agencies! Why are they helping aide the enemy by sweet-selling their culture and by not doing everything we can to protect this great country???

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